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The Most Dangerous Intersections In Fayetteville

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Car accidents happen all the time in Raleigh, Fayetteville, and throughout North Carolina. Drivers and passengers can be left with serious injuries that can take months or longer to heal. Many of these accidents occur at intersections. A driver fails to yield or runs through a stop sign. The result is a collision.

What are some of the most dangerous intersections in the area? One media outlet went looking for the answer.

Highway interchanges take the top spots in Raleigh

WRAL Investigates reviewed data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to determine which sections of state-owned roads saw the most crashes from 2014 to 2018. They found many interchanges and intersections saw hundreds of accidents during that time period.

In Raleigh, the most dangerous intersections were:

  • I-440/Capital Blvd: 484
  • I-440/Wake Forest Road: 470
  • I-40/S. Saunders St: 467
  • I-440/New Bern Ave: 427
  • I-440/Glenwood Ave: 404
  • I-440/Six Forks Road: 357
  • Glenwood Ave/Blue Ridge Road/Lead Mine Road: 333
  • I-40/I-440 (near Garner): 325

Many of these intersections are at highway interchanges. Raleigh’s traffic engineer, Jed Niffenegger, said his unit ranks dangerous intersections somewhat differently, based on the severity of the crash, injuries, and traffic volume.

Their most dangerous intersection list has Corporation Parkway and New Hope Road at No. 1, followed by Dawson Street at South Street and Falls of Neuse Road at Common Oaks Drive.
Niffenegger said the city explores options to make these intersections safer.

“We’ll go out, do field investigations, do crash diagrams to look for patterns, look for issues that might be causing it because, a lot of times, it’s human behavior,” he said.
Negligent drivers are typically the cause of intersection accidents. Drivers who tried to beat a light, were speeding, or were distracted by their phones, for example.
Measures that city of Raleigh has implemented to reduce crashes include more visible stop lights, restricting turn lanes, and the installation of red light cameras.

Recovering compensation can be complicated

WRAL Investigates also identified the most dangerous intersections in Fayetteville. They are:

  • US 401/Morganton Road: 226
  • Skibo Road/Raeford Road: 222
  • S. Reilly Road/Cliffdale Road: 219
  • Raeford Road/Hope Mills Road: 217
  • US 401/All American Freeway: 216
  • Skibo Road/Cliffdale Road: 201
  • All American Freeway/Santa Fe Drive: 179
  • US 401/Yadkin Road/McPherson Church Road: 171

But behind all the data, there are lives that are impacted by these crashes. People in intersection accidents suffer broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, and neck injuries. They need treatment, and medical expenses can become overwhelming.

If a negligent driver caused the crash, victims deserve financial compensation. The problem is that negligent drivers often deny doing anything wrong. They may even blame the other driver. Insurance companies use many different tactics to justify paying people as little as possible after a car accident.

That’s why it’s important to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side if you were hurt in a crash. Brent Adams & Associates has been fighting for the injured in North Carolina since our founding in 1973. We know how to build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously.

If you were hurt in a Raleigh, Fayetteville, or Dunn car accident, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Insurance companies hate us because we get results for our clients.

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