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About Our Firm

Serving the injured in North Carolina since 1973

When Brent Adams started practicing law, he saw that people who had been hurt in accidents were not being treated fairly by insurance companies. He felt strongly that they needed an experienced attorney who would fight for them and level the playing field. Decades later, that sense of fairness is still what Brent Adams & Associates is all about.

No matter how badly you were hurt in an accident, insurance companies all want the same thing. They want to pay you as little as possible so they can make more profit. They’ll use all kinds of tactics to try to justify paying you less. They may make you a settlement offer that falls far short of covering all of your damages.

Our attorneys are not concerned with what insurance companies want. We are focused on what you need and what you deserve.  We invest time, effort, and resources into getting the fact to build a strong case that makes insurance companies pay attention. And we are not afraid to go to court to get the right results.

We make things right

Our firm understands the impact an injury from an accident can have on your life. We are dedicated to helping you get maximum compensation so you can recover from your injury as much as possible and move forward. Everyone here is ready to guide you through the legal process every step of the way.

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We also handle cases involving Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation benefits. When people are hurt and being denied the benefits they deserve, we are ready to fight for them.

What can you expect from our firm? You can expect us to take your case seriously and listen to your concerns. You can expect us to investigate to get the facts and build a strong case that insurance companies have to take seriously. And you can expect us to fight for the best possible outcome – whether that’s through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

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Helping people facing difficult situations is our goal. We don’t represent big businesses, insurance companies, or banks. We only represent individuals. Many of our clients don’t even realize they can fight to get more or feel they can’t afford a lawyer. We are here for them.

That’s why we offer free consultations to potential clients. And if we do represent you in your case, you owe us nothing. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means there are no upfront fees or expenses for you to pay. You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation. Our fee comes out of the insurance company’s payment.

Our firm has offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Dunn, Southern Pines, and Clinton. We have multiple attorneys and staff members who all share the same goal – to help move your case forward so you can recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.