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Defective Brake Accidents

Our experienced lawyers fight to get the results you need

Negligent drivers who cause crashes need to be held accountable. But what happens if you were hurt in a car accident caused by a mechanical problem such as defective brakes? You still have the right to seek financial compensation, but the legal process can be complicated. That’s why you need an experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer who knows how to get results.

At Brent Adams & Associates, our car accident attorneys know how to handle complex cases. Our firm has been fighting for the injured in North Carolina since our founding in 1973. We represent people – not insurance companies or corporations. And we are determined to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

It is very important to have brakes that are in good working order. When brakes don’t respond, a driver is unable to prevent a collision. The force of impact can leave drivers, passengers and pedestrians with serious injuries. If the driver tried to stop the car, who can be held responsible for what happened? We can investigate to identify the negligent parties.

We put in the time to build strong cases

There are different components that must work together to keep a car’s brakes working properly. Drums and rotors are parts of different types of braking systems that attach to the wheels. Brake pads apply pressure to the drums and rotors to help bring a car to a stop. Finally, there needs to be enough brake fluid running through lines and calipers.

Who can be held responsible when defective brakes result in an accident? Negligent parties may include:

  • Drivers — All drivers have a responsibility to keep their cars properly maintained and make needed repairs. If they knew about an existing problem with the brakes, or failed to bring in their car for inspection, they could be held liable.
  • Car dealers or parts manufacturers — They could be held liable if they knew there was a problem with the braking system or any of its parts.
  • Car mechanics or repair shops — If brakes were not repaired properly and there was an accident as a result, they could be held responsible.

If faulty brakes led to your crash, our legal team can investigate. We gather records, such as accident reports, medical records and repair receipts. We identify and interview witnesses about what they saw. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to help us understand what happened and why.

Recovering compensation after an accident caused by defective brakes can be complicated. Negligent parties often deny doing anything wrong and won’t accept responsibility. That leaves you in the position of having to prove negligence.

Fighting insurance companies to get results

Don’t expect much help from insurance companies. They will try to pay you as little as possible. They may question the seriousness of your injuries or blame the accident on you. Or they’ll offer you a settlement and promise quick payment. It can be tempting to say yes as your bills are adding up. But their offer will fall far short of covering the damages you suffered.

When negligence led to fault brakes that caused your accident, we believe negligent parties need to be held accountable. We make things right. Our attorneys build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously. We’re not interested in making quick deals that leave you shortchanged. We fight for the compensation you deserve – even if it means going to court.

No wonder insurance companies hate us.

If you were hurt in a North Carolina accident caused by faulty brakes, contact us for a free consultation. Our offices are located in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Dunn, Southern Pines, and Clinton.