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Personal Injury Attorneys, Raleigh NC

Raleigh, North Carolina, was founded in 1792, named after Sir Walter Raleigh, and established as the state’s capital. Sir Walter Raleigh is famous for his attempt in the 1580s to establish the first English colony in the New World. Raleigh is part of what is known as the Research Triangle Region, which also consists of the nearby cities of Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. One of the largest draws to the city is the North Carolina State Fair, which offers attractions for the entire family. Raleigh boasts over 9,000 acres of parkland for those who enjoy the outdoors. The city also offers a wide variety of shopping and dining experiences for residents and tourists.

Brent Adams & Associates Serving Raleigh, NC

The main goal of Brent Adams & Associates is to help personal injury victims obtain financial compensation and feel their voice is heard. Our legal staff is passionately committed to treating our clients like family and offering them that hometown feel that other firms lack. We understand this is a challenging time for clients and their families, but we are dedicated to helping them get the justice and fair treatment they deserve.

The practice areas we serve include: