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Car accidents can be traumatic and sometimes life-altering. Not only can they cause serious damage to your vehicle but they can cause severe personal injuries that may leave you unable to work and require expensive medical treatments including hospitalization. You will certainly have to deal with the other driver and his or her insurance company and its claims adjusters unless you have a North Carolina personal injury lawyer to help you throughout this very difficult process.

It's never convenient to be involved in a car crash. You should not let piles of paperwork and calls from the insurance company add stress and worry to your life and take valuable time away from your recovery from your injuries. Call North Carolina’s trusted car accident law firm, Brent Adams & Associates today at (919) 781-7590 or fill out a free contact form to discuss your claim. Our legal team is available to help you at all times, 24/7 and we're dedicated to getting you the top dollar for your claim.

Getting you the money you deserve

Insurance companies do not exist to protect you. Instead, they are in business to make money for the company and its shareholders. The insurance company will do anything they can to keep from paying you what you deserve for your injuries.

"Monica was very helpful with my daughter's auto accident case. Very attentive to our needs. I would recommend their services to anyone involved in an automobile accident." - Lori

After you've been involved in a car crash, the adjuster for the insurance company who insures the negligent party who caused your collision may call and offer an initial settlement. Please understand that this call is made by a person whose job it is to keep from paying you anything or if they can't cut you out completely, to pay you as little as possible. It is essential that you refuse to sign anything until you've spoken to a lawyer. These settlement offers will always be “lowball offers.”

We can investigate your car accident and determine how much money you need to get your life back on track. We will calculate the damage to your car, the amount of your medical expenses and lost wages and do everything possible to hold the responsible party and their insurance company accountable for all of your harms and losses.

How can a North Carolina car accident lawyer help me?

A car accident attorney can fight to make sure that injured victims get all of the money they deserve for accident-related expenses. A law firm can handle every aspect of a car accident case, including:

Investigating the collision​

We can analyze the facts involving your car accident to determine how it happened and who was at fault.  If necessary, we have access to top accident reconstruction experts who we will put to work for you immediately to determine who was at fault. It is important to get these experts out to the collision scene as quickly as possible before the evidence is destroyed. The sooner our experts can investigate the crash the better for your case.

Collecting evidence

We will collect all available evidence including evidence from the crash scene as well as your medical records, statements from witnesses, videotapes which may be available to show how the accident occurred and other evidence that will help you win your case.

Negotiation with the insurance company

We understand how difficult it is to talk with an insurance adjuster. Many of them are rude and obnoxious and otherwise unpleasant to deal with. The insurance company will surely make you a lowball offer. However, we will negotiate with the insurance company and be sure that you get the highest offer possible. You will not have to dread making that call to the insurance adjuster. We will do it for you.

North Carolina personal injury attorneys by your side in the courtroom

In the event that we are unable to reach a settlement with the insurance company that we think you should accept, we will file suit for you and represent you in court. We're dedicated to giving you the very best trial possible.

We have tried hundreds of cases for clients in court and we will be with you every step of the way throughout your litigation.

A car accident puts a lot of stress on you and your family. You know that you should file a claim with the insurance company to get what you're entitled to receive under the law. However, when you're dealing with personal injuries, vehicle repairs, and missed paychecks, you do not have time to deal with stacks of paperwork and collect evidence from the crash scene.

This can be a lot for you to handle on your own. However, you do not have to handle it on your own. At Brent Adams & Associates, we are dedicated to helping you and others in your situation. When you've been involved in a car crash, you are suddenly thrust into a world that you do not know. You should not feel bad about that.

There is no reason for you to know how to deal with insurance adjusters. That is why we are here. We are here to help put you on a level playing field with the insurance company. Let our North Carolina car accident attorneys take the burden off of you so that you can rest, recover and spend time with your family without the worry of these legal matters. Let us take the burden of this collision off your shoulders. Call us at (919) 781-7590 or fill out a free contact request form. There is no cost or obligation for filling out our form.

We will send you our book for free

After many years of sitting across the desk from North Carolina car accident victims, Brent Adams saw the mistakes that these victims make time and time again when dealing with insurance adjusters. We decided to catalog these mistakes and put them into a book form so that the public will have the benefit of his knowledge before they are in a collision or before they have to deal with an insurance adjuster.

The book outlines the mistakes that are commonly made by victims of motor vehicle collisions. The book teaches you how to avoid these mistakes and to put more money into your pocket.

If you would like a free digital copy of the book or would like it mailed to you, please fill out the form on this page.

If you are not interested in the book but would like to talk to a lawyer immediately, please call us at (919) 781-7590.

Our law firm will put you first

If you are concerned that you may not be able to hire a top-quality car accident lawyer, we have good news for you. You can afford a lawyer that cares and will go to work for you. We have our ironclad no-fee guarantee. Under this guarantee, you will not have to pay us any attorney's fees unless you recover compensation.

Our lawyers will always take the time to speak with you by phone about your collision. There is no cost for the call and no obligation. You can call us to talk with you about your case even if you do not intend for us to represent you. We will listen to your case, plan a solution and explain how we will fight for you every step of the way. We always put our clients first. You can reach us 24/7 by calling us at (919) 781-7590 or fill out our free online form to get started on a free and no obligation confidential consultation.