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Compensation For Neck And Back Pain After A Car Accident

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A car accident attorney can calculate the value of your claim

In Raleigh and other cities throughout North Carolina, car accidents can result in painful injuries involving the neck or back. Depending on the severity of your neck or back injury, you may experience chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms that keep you from driving, working, taking care of your family, and doing the things you love.

Medical treatment for a neck or back injury after a car accident can include everything from surgery to physical therapy, and the effects of such an injury can be long-term. That’s why if you were injured in a crash that was not your fault, you should talk to a car accident lawyer about your legal rights and options. An attorney will be able to calculate the true cost of your injury and advocate for the compensation you’re entitled to.

Car accident injuries involving the neck or back

If you experience back pain or neck pain after a car accident, it could be a sign of a serious back or neck injury. This is why you should always seek prompt medical attention after a crash regardless of whether you have any noticeable pain or symptoms in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

There are many different types of injuries that cause neck or back pain, including:

  • Whiplash – One of the most common types of neck injuries sustained in car accidents, whiplash involves a strain or sprain to the neck muscles due to the neck being thrown forward and backward. This is why rear-end accidents often result in whiplash.
  • Pinched nerve – The nerves in the back and neck can get squeezed in between the bones and tendons during a crash, resulting in serious pain.
  • Herniated disk – The bones in the spine (vertebrae) have soft, rubber-like cushions in between each bone. These cushions are called disks. If one of them slips out of place (slipped disk) or bursts (ruptured disk), it can lead to a lot of pain.
  • Bone fracture – There are numerous bones in the neck and back. In a serious car accident, these bones can break or fracture, resulting in severe neck or back pain depending on the location and severity of the bone fracture.
  • Spinal cord injury – The nerves and cells located in the spine control a person’s ability to walk, move, and perform other necessary functions. If the spinal cord is damaged, you may lose the ability to move parts of your body below the injury location, as the brain cannot send signals to those parts of the body through the damaged nerves in the spinal cord. Severe spinal cord injuries may result in partial or permanent paralysis.

Again, never try to self-diagnose after a car accident. You need to get checked out by a licensed medical professional as soon as possible to protect your health. Then, you need to talk to a car accident lawyer to protect your rights. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying, disputing, and denying claims. And even if they do make you an offer to settle, it’s likely a far cry from the compensation you’re actually entitled to recover.

Compensation for neck and back injuries

Generally, the value of your claim will depend on the severity of your injury, the length of your recovery, and how the injury affects your life.

  • The bottom line is you should be financially compensated for your damages, such as:
  • Medical care for your injury, including the cost of future, anticipated medical treatment.
  • Repairing the damage to your vehicle or buying a new one if it’s a total loss.
  • Replacement income if you’re in too much pain and cannot work.
  • Lost future income if you cannot work full-time or at all in the future due to your back or neck injury.
  • Pain and suffering and other “non-economic damages,” a legal term for expenses that don’t have a specific dollar amount.

These are all things that need to be considered when calculating the value of your claim. Instead, insurance companies like to dictate how much money they think you deserve, and usually, it’s a number that doesn’t factor in all of the above. Insurance adjusters don’t have your best interests at heart. Their job is to figure out how to pay you as little money as possible—or nothing at all. That’s why you need experienced legal representation on your side, looking out for your best interests throughout the whole process.

It costs you nothing to find out if you have a case

After a serious car accident involving painful back or neck injuries, the stakes are high. You only have one opportunity to obtain the compensation you need and deserve, and if things don’t go your way, you could end up paying out of pocket for an accident caused by someone else.

At Brent Adams & Associates, we represent clients who have been hurt due to the negligent actions of others. We understand how the civil justice system works in North Carolina, and we won’t let an insurance company play games with your future.

To see how we can help with your potential legal case, schedule a free consultation with an experienced North Carolina car accident lawyer. We have offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Dunn, and Southern Pines. We also take cases on a contingency fee basis. That means no upfront money is required, and you pay no fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf. Contact us today to find out more.

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