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Common Injuries From Rear-end Accidents

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A rear-end accident is one of the most common types of car accidents. Nearly one-third – 32.5 percent – of all motor vehicle accidents involve rear-end collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

And while some people might think that rear-end crashes aren’t that serious, injury statistics tell a different story. According to Forbes, rear-end collisions are responsible for an estimated 7 percent of all crash fatalities and 31.1 percent of all car accident injuries.

What rear-end accident injuries are the most common? What are the warning signs of an injury? And how much is your accident worth? Below, you can find the answers to these questions and more in-depth information about rear-end crashes.

Rear-end Collision Injuries

Certain types of injuries are more common than others in rear-end crashes. That’s because people in the vehicle struck from behind can be quickly jolted forward, sometimes into the steering wheel, window, or windshield. Some of the most common rear-end accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash, a common and often misunderstood type of neck injury.
  • Soft tissue injuries, including sprained muscles.
  • Concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries.
  • Facial injuries, including cuts and lacerations.
  • Back injuries, including spinal cord injuries and other injuries that cause severe back pain (e.g., bulging or herniated disc).
  • Broken bones.

Even at low speeds, a rear-end crash has the potential to cause severe and debilitating injuries that can linger for days, weeks, or longer. Some of those injuries aren’t always noticeable in the immediate aftermath of an accident, which is why you should never diagnose yourself and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Common Warning Signs Of An Injury

So, how do you know if you have a serious rear-end accident injury? Ideally, you were examined and diagnosed by a doctor, EMT, paramedic, or some other licensed medical professional soon after your crash. If not, here are common signs that you may be suffering from an injury:

  • Severe neck pain
  • Bad headaches
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nausea

You know your body best. If something doesn’t feel right after your rear-end accident and you haven’t already seen a doctor, seek immediate medical attention. Then talk to a rear-end accident lawyer to learn more about your legal rights and potential legal options.

What Is The Average Payout For A Rear-end Collision In North Carolina?

There’s no set dollar amount when it comes to rear-end injury claims. Some cases might be worth thousands. Others might be worth significantly more. The difference often depends on a wide range of factors, including the severity of your injury and the impact the crash has had on your life.

The bottom line is you should not have to pay for your accident-related expenses if another driver caused your crash. It’s also important that you have enough money to pay for all future anticipated expenses related to your injury. For example, if you need surgery or physical therapy due to chronic neck pain or back pain, your compensation should include those anticipated costs. Otherwise, you could have to pay for those expenses out of pocket.

Contact A Rear-end Accident Lawyer Today.

While the insurance company may not argue fault in a rear-end accident, it’s common for them to downplay the severity of injuries and pressure crash victims into accepting settlement offers that fall far short of covering the victim’s losses.

At Brent Adams & Associates, we know how to deal with insurance companies and advocate for the maximum amount of compensation our clients deserve. We’ve been serving families in North Carolina since 1973 and have recovered millions for our clients.

Don’t try to fight the insurance company on your own after you’ve been rear-ended. Instead, let our attorneys step in and negotiate with them while you focus on your recovery.

Discover what we can do for you. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with an experienced rear-end accident attorney. We have offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Dunn, and Southern Pines, North Carolina. In addition, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay no fees unless we obtain financial compensation for you.

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