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Why Hire A Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck Accidents

Our North Carolina Law Firm Is Ready To Fight To Make Things Right

Dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident can be overwhelming. You’ve been injured. Medical expenses are adding up quickly and you’re not sure how you will pay them, especially if you can’t work. You feel you deserve financial compensation and are ready to submit a claim. Do you need a lawyer?

North Carolina truck accident attorney Brent Adams founded Brent Adams & Associates in 1973 to fight for people who have been injured through no fault of their own. Trucking companies and insurance companies have extensive resources and high-powered lawyers looking out for their best interests. Our firm only represents individuals. We level the playing field.

A truck accident can impact your life physically, emotionally and financially. It may take months to fully recover from your injuries. You may be wondering if a lawyer is necessary because you don’t want your case to drag on for an extended period of time. You may want to just get the whole accident behind you and move forward.

Trucking companies and insurance companies may offer you a settlement, but they will try to pay you as little as possible. We believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for less.

How A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Most people have little experience with trucking companies, insurance companies and their lawyers after there’s been a truck accident. Our firm has been fighting for the injured for decades. We can guide you through the legal process every step of the way to protect your rights and fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Here are some of the ways we can help your case:

  • We can investigate your truck accident. Our legal team gathers evidence, including evidence controlled by the trucking company such as maintenance and employment records, hours of service logs and information from the truck’s event data recorder (the truck’s “black box”). We carefully review the accident report with you to ensure all information is accurate. We identify and interview witnesses. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts who can help us understand what happened.
  • We identify negligent parties. Your accident may have been caused by a negligent driver who was speeding, texting or fatigued. The trucking company may have failed to properly maintain or repair the truck that hit you. Other parties that may be involved in the accident include the company that owned the trailer, the company that owns the cargo, the company that loaded the cargo and the manufacturer of defective parts.
  • We deal with the insurance companies. Insurance companies have many tactics they use to try to minimize your claim. They may question the seriousness of your injuries or seek access to medical records to claim your injuries were pre-existing. They may argue that the accident was partially your fault and you don’t deserve any compensation. We know their tactics and fight back to protect your rights.
  • We can deal with trucking companies. It’s critical that you have someone on your side who can deal directly with the trucking company that employs the truck driver who caused your collision. This is because the trucking company has access to important evidence – including Hours of Service (HOS) logs and the truck’s black box electronic control module (ECM) data – that could help you build a strong injury claim. Our attorneys can demand access to such information and anything else from the trucking company that could help strengthen your legal case.
  • We fight for the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously. This allows us to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. There are some law firms that try to avoid a trial no matter what. We are not one of those firms. Insurance companies know that we are not afraid to fight for our clients in court. It’s one reason insurance companies hate us.

We understand how your life can change after a truck accident. That’s why we are committed to fighting for maximum compensation. Our attorneys can guide you through the legal process every step of the way.

If you were hurt in a North Carolina truck accident, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a North Carolina truck accident lawyer you can trust. We can review the details of your accident and go over your legal options. We can also answer any questions you have. There is no cost and no obligation. We just want you to have the information you need to decide what’s next.

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