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Car Accident Insurance Disputes

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When you’ve been hurt in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you deserve financial compensation. But dealing with the insurance company can be frustrating and the process can be complicated. That’s why you need an experienced car accident attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies.

Seeing how victims were treated by insurance companies inspired attorney Brent Adams to focus on personal injury law. Accident victims aren’t used to dealing with insurance companies, which have extensive resources and high-powered attorneys. He founded Brent Adams & Associates to fight for the rights of people who had been injured through no fault of their own.

We often think that the purpose of insurance companies is to help people when they’ve been hurt in an accident. But it’s important to remember that a main goal of insurance companies when processing claims is to limit compensation. Paying as little as possible helps them keep profits as high as possible.

What are common car accident insurance disputes?

There are different tactics they use to accomplish this goal. Here are a few:

“The accident was your fault.”

North Carolina uses the principle of contributory negligence when determining financial compensation after an accident. If it is determined that you are even 1% at fault for what happened, you are not able to recover compensation. Insurance companies know this rule very well and will look for ways to try to put some of the blame on you.

“We just want you to make a statement.”

You may be contacted by the insurance company. The adjuster will sound friendly and ask you to give a recorded statement or answer some questions to give your account of the accident. It sounds harmless, but they are actually looking for information they can use against you.

“You need to sign this document right away.”

The insurance company for the at-fault driver might try to pressure you to sign something right away after your accident. Don’t sign anything until you have had a lawyer carefully review it. Anything you sign could hurt your ability to get the money you rightfully deserve for your car accident claim.

“Your injuries aren’t that bad.”

The insurance company may question the seriousness of your injuries. They may want you to get an independent medical exam to try to find an excuse to pay you less.

“You were already injured.”

The insurance company may seek access to your medical records to look for evidence that you had already been treated for similar injuries. They will try to argue that your injuries weren’t from the accident at all.

“Your car accident claim doesn’t cover those expenses.”

The other driver’s insurance company might offer to only pay for certain expenses (emergency medical care and car repairs) but not others (future medical bills or lost income due to a long-term injury). The bottom line is you should be financially compensated for all your expenses.

“You don’t have a legitimate claim.”

Don’t be surprised if the insurance company responsible for paying for your car accident claim says you don’t have a legitimate one. Don’t take their word for it. Talk to a car accident lawyer at our law firm. We can work with you to demand the maximum financial compensation.

“Here’s our best offer.”

You may be contacted by the insurance company shortly after the accident. They’ll offer you a settlement. Your medical expenses may be adding up and you’re getting worried about money. Their offer may seem tempting. But it will be a lowball offer that falls far short of covering all of the damages you suffered.

Our North Carolina car accident attorneys are familiar with insurance company tactics to pay you less and we don’t put up with them. We believe you should be paid the compensation that you deserve. That’s why we focus on building strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously.

Insurance companies know that we get results

Our legal team investigates your accident to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that proves negligence. We carefully review all documentation, such as accident reports and medical records. If there were witnesses, we interview them. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists.

We also determine the total damages you have suffered and demand compensation. This includes current and future medical expenses, lost wages if you couldn’t work and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Many times we are able to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. Insurance companies know that we are not afraid to go to court, and we have the results to prove it. It’s one of the reasons they hate us.

If you were hurt in a car accident in North Carolina, we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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