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Will I Get ‘Back-Pay’ if My Claim is Approved After the Hearing?

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Will I Get ‘Back Pay’ if My Workers Compensation Claim is Approved After the Hearing?

North Carolina workers injured on the job may be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. But how long do you have to be out of work to start receiving worker’s comp, and does it include any retroactive payments? Our advocates for injured employees in North Carolina, provide a brief overview of North Carolina’s worker’s comp lawyers and explain what you should do if you need legal help.

What Expenses Does Worker’s Compensation Cover in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, worker’s comp provides payment for workers who were hurt on the job. The compensation may cover medical treatment, a portion of your regular weekly wages, and, in some cases, disability payments if you have become permanently disabled.

If you are eligible for temporary disability benefits, you can expect to be paid around two-thirds of your average weekly pay. As of 2023, the maximum weekly amount a worker can receive is capped at $1,254.00. This number is usually updated every year. To ensure you receive the maximum amount that can be received, speak with NC workplace injury lawyers.

How Long Do You Have to Be Out of Work to Get Temporary Disability Pay?

In North Carolina, you may be eligible to receive temporary disability payments if your injury has caused you to be unable to work for more than seven days. However, state laws only allow workers to receive payment for the first seven days of missed work if their injury results in more than 21 days away.

For example, if you suffered a back injury at work and missed nine days of work, worker’s comp may only cover day eight and day 9 of your time away. You may need to use your own sick or vacation hours to cover the initial seven days.

When Do You Get Paid for the First 7 Days Out of Work?

Workers who cannot return to work for 21 days or longer may be eligible to receive retroactive payment for the initial 7-day period after their injury. If you have not received any payments because your case is pending and requires a hearing, the amount you will receive depends on how many days you were away from your position due to your injury. It may be best to ask an NC job injury legal counsel whether you will receive any retroactive payments for your claim.

What Happens if My North Carolina Worker’s Comp Claim Is Denied?

Many worker’s comp claims are denied or delayed. If you need help filing a claim or if your claim was unfairly denied, contact Brent Adams & Associates at (910) 249-6891.

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