Whose Med-Pay Do You Use if All Victims Have It?

Sometimes all accident victims have their own Med-Pay insurance coverage. Your Med-Pay insurance will insure you even if you are riding in a car you do not own. After an accident, whose policy do you draw on to cover your medical expenses? Raleigh car accident lawyer Brent Adams explains how primary and secondary Med-Pay claims work.

If the car you are riding in at the time of the collision is covered by Med-Pay, that Med-Pay coverage is considered the primary policy. You have to collect from the primary insurance first before you can collect from your own insurance (if the car is not your own). If the amount of your insurance is equal to the amount of the car you were driving, you can only collect one time, because it is the same amount. If your Med-Pay policy is more than the policy of the car you were driving, for example $10,000, and the car you had an accident in has $5,000 worth of Med-Pay, you would first collect the $5,000 from the insured vehicle you were driving in during the collision. Then you would collect the balance from your insurance company. The insurance company will only pay the balance, because you are only allowed to collect from an automobile accident claim one time.