Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer in Raleigh Fights to Get Victims the Compensation You Deserve

Accident attorney Brent Adams once represented a woman who tripped and fell in a hole on the property of a house she had just moved into. The landlord had kept the yard a mess, due to his negligence the woman's ankle broke in the fall. The woman's life remained affected by the injury even after she had recovered. Her ankle's pain did not prevent her from returning to her usual activities, like singing in her church choir. She met with a few attorneys and they all told her she did not have a strong case, and even if she did win they did not anticipate her award would be substantial. However, Brent Adams chose to represent her case. A member of the church testified at her trial that the choir members all walk slower out to their spots because of the woman's injury. The case settled with a very satisfactory award.

Brent Adams & Associates helps protect the rights of innocent North Carolina accident victims who have been injured as the result of a slip-and-fall. Negotiating alone or waiting for the insurance company to make an offer is a frustrating and lengthy process, and can end up costing a fortune. Call Brent Adams & Associates' experienced, trusted slip-and-fall accident lawyers in Raleigh, Faytteville and Dunn for a free case evaluation.