Recording Bill Collector Calls in NC

You might plan to use a phone call recorder on calls received from bill collectors. Raleigh bankruptcy attorney Brent Adams notes it is important to follow special procedures to ensure you are complying with North Carolina laws pertaining to phone call recordings. Before recording a call, check with a lawyer to ensure best practices. A few things you need to do: Alert all parties on the call that the call is being recorded--state this before a conversation begins. The reason for this is that some states have two-party rules, since bill collectors have call centers across the country you cannot know for sure where the collector's call is originating. Failing to disclose that the call is being recorded could result in a violation.

You must tell your caller that you are recording the call. Not alerting the other parties by telling them they are being recorded could result in a violation. Bill collectors might not be bothered if you tell them you are recording them, but other times they might hang up the phone.

What can you say to protect yourself? In the video above Brent Adams suggests: "I am recording this call, if you continue to talk you are consenting to being recorded." The collector might not mind that the call is being recorded, or they might hang up. If you are navigating bankruptcy, recording calls from bill collectors can provide valuable evidence should the creditors violate laws during conversations. For one, they might be call your employer's phone number regarding your outstanding debts. Two, they might use vulgar language. Both of these acts are not legal. Watch the video to learn the penalties and fines debtors might collect in these situations.