Workers' Comp Lawyer Believes Jurors Usually Do the Right Thing Against Insurance Companies

Brent Adams had a military client who was in a car wreck due to the negligence of another driver. He received medical attention at Womack Army Medical Center. After having the doctors on base look at him he went to see a chiropractor who discovered he had permanent damage done to his back. He did not recover completely.  

This type of injury is called soft tissue injury; it is generally unable to be detected X-rays or other imaging devices. The victim can feel it, but it is not an injury most people would notice. Insurance companies try to pay the very minimum for what these cases are worth since you cannot see the injury. The man tried to settle his case on his own for $5,000 and the insurance company, Allstate, said he would not receive that much for his injury. The civilian that hit the man had a minimum $30,000 liability insurance policy with Allstate. Since Allstate did not offer the man a reasonable settlement for the man’s injury, Brent Adams and Associates took his claim to court. The court settled his case for $54,000, which helped the victim pay for his medical expenses.  

If you believe you are being treated unfairly by an insurance company call Brent Adams & Associates today. Jurors usually make the right decision in court by allowing you to receive the proper amount you deserve for your injuries.