Average Time of North Carolina Injury Trials

Injured victims who are unable to settle their claim out-of-court usually move toward trial. Trials in North Carolina are unpredictable. However, a few factors can help individuals learn if they should anticipate an especially lengthy process ahead. For one, the discovery process requirements. Discovery is a time where accident evidence is gathered. If extensive evidence is needed, the length of this process could contribute to a longer trial time. Second, the North Carolina county where the claim is tried can affect the trial length. Some counties have a backlog of cases. Raleigh injury trial lawyer Brent Adams has presented cases in just about every county across the state. From his experience, cases are usually heard on Monday mornings at 10AM. With 20 to 40 cases on a court calendar, it's easy to see how this process can trigger long wait times. Another variable: How aggressive your injury attorney is. Learn more in the video above.