Raleigh Injury Lawyer Brent Adams Explains Trip & Fall on a Jetway

airport injuryNorth Carolina injury lawyer Brent Adams describes a case he helped settle on behalf of an out-of-town client who tripped and injured her rotator cuff in an airport jetway. The woman had finished visiting family in Fayetteville and was at the airport en route to her home out-of-state. Her injury required surgery, a long recovery time, and is a particularly painful injury. When the woman initially fell in the jetway, while she was laying on the floor awaiting medical attention she heard the airport staff get on the phone and reprimand another employee about not fixing the trip hazard that had apparently been requested to be repaired the day prior. This established that the airport/airline employees were aware of the trip hazard and did not take adequate measures to fix, replace, or add signage to the hazardous area. Has something like this happened to you? Our attorneys offer complimentary case reviews. Request an injury case evaluation online or call 800-910-5879.