What to Know if You've Been Injured at Work in North Carolina

Injured workers should understand that North Carolina workers’ compensation insurance adjusters are not on their side. It is the insurance adjuster's job to save the insurance company money. Their job is to pay out as little money as possible to North Carolina’s injured workers. North Carolina workers’ compensation law is very complex and confusing. We can explain in simple terms how the complicated laws affect your injury treatment.

Brent Adams settled a workers’ compensation case with a client who fell off the top of a truck at work while he was pulling a cover over the truck. The truck company tried to make it appear as if this man was contracted to work for himself so the truck company could not be blamed for his injuries. However, he was a truck driver employed full-time by this company, but due to a technicality his claim was denied by the insurance company.

Due to the incident, he was out of work for many years. His injuries were very severe. The insurance refused to pay him a dime since he appeared to be an independent contractor. They did not see themselves as liable to pay him workers’ compensation.  

This young man went to several lawyers who said he did not have a case. Brent Adams & Associates prosecuted his claim by showing the Industrial Commission that his employer controlled every aspect of his job. They were able to show that he was not an independent contractor. Because of Brent Adams & Associates, the injured man received a fair settlement for his injuries that will allow him to pay for his medicals bills and provide for his family. 

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