Creditors With Vulgar Language May Owe Fines

You can collect money if a bill collector uses vulgar language! Debtors who receive vulgar calls from creditors might be able to pursue payments from creditors. Bill collectors might try to intimidate debtors by using curse words, but this is a violation of federal law. The use of expletives in the bill collection process is not permitted under North Carolina and federal law. North Carolina bankruptcy attorney Brent Adams explains that victims might be able to collect between $1,000-$4,000 for each call made in North Carolina to North Carolina residents should individuals find themselves in a situation where a debt collector uses vulgar langage. (The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act will only allow you to collect $1,000 per call.  But if the call was from North Carolina, under state law, you are entitled to $4,000.) Debtors might also be eligible to receive compensation to cover their attorneys' fees.