Creditor Claims on Discharged Debts

What do you do if you filed for bankruptcy, your debts were discharged, and you still receive phone calls from debt collectors? 

In the video above, Brent Adams, a bankruptcy attorney in Raleigh, explains why creditors may keep calling about discharged debts after an individual claimed bankruptcy. Discharged debts are balances determined by federal courts. After the bankruptcy proceedings are over, the applicant receives an order of discharge for the recognized debts. If a creditor continues to call and send letters trying to collect a debt that has been federally discharged, the individual should send the creditor a copy of the order of discharge. However, sometimes a debt buyer has gotten involved with the creditor and taken over the debt burden, now they are trying to collect the balance. These are companies that will buy discharged debts. These debt buyers are commonly guilty of discharge violations as they are not permitted to collect a debt that the federal courts have discharged. If you are concerned debt buyers are contacting you regarding discharged debts, our attorneys have experience filing claims against debt buyers in North Carolina.