Caused a Car Accident in NC?

North Carolina is one of less than handful of states with contributory negligence laws. If you caused a car accident, watch the video above where Raleigh car accident lawyer Brent Adams explains what victims need to know if they themselves contributed to their injuries or damages--even in the smallest way.

What if a automobile collision was your fault? You should contact your own insurance company immediately to help ensure you receive proper representation. If you do not contact them quickly, they have the opportunity to deny your claim. Gather information for your insurance company such as witness’ names and any documentation you have from the accident. This can help them process the claim.

Understand that if you are negligent in a North Carolina collision you cannot receive benefits from the other driver’s insurance. You can, however, receive Med-Pay coverage if it is included in your insurance policy. Also, if you have health insurance they should cover your medical bills--or part of your medical bills--regardless of who was at fault for the motor vehicle accident.