Bill Collectors May Not Leave Voicemails

If you have outstanding debts and bill collectors are calling you regarding the balances, have they left you voice messages about the bills? Bill collectors are not permitted under state or federal law to leave voicemail messages with debt details. The debtor is the only person the debt collector is allowed to talk to regarding money owed. The debt collector does not know who is on the other end of the voicemail machine, therefore, leaving a voicemail is illegal.

Brent Adams & Associates' bankruptcy attorneys in Cary and Raleigh, explain in the video above how federal law applies and why voicemails about debt are illegal. Collectors have to state a certain warning when they call the debtor, however, they are not permitted to leave this information in a voice message. Federal law imposes a minimum $1,000 fine per violation and North Carolina state law provides up to a $4,000 fine per violation, plus attorney fees. If you are receiving voicemail messages from debt collectors--do not erase them. Retain the messages and discuss ways of transferring the audio files for an attorney's use should you have interest in pursuing a claim.