How to Stop Debt Collectors From Contacting Your Employer

You are probably upset if bill collectors started contacting your place of work. You should be. It is illegal for debt collection companies to contact debtors' employers. How can you stop collection agencies from calling you at work? You don't necessarily need a lawyer. Cary bankruptcy attorney Brent Adams advises that individuals receiving the calls simply tell the bill collector to stop calling. If you write a letter to the bill collector and tell them to stop calling you, this will strengthen your case if this were ever to arise in court.

If you tell collectors to stop contacting your workplace and they ignore your request and continue to contact you there--they are in violation of state and federal law. In this case, you may want to contact an attorney. You may be able to collect a penalty of $1,000-$4,000 for each call made in violation, plus attorney fees. (For best practice and to create a paper trail that can be used as evidence of the collector's wrongdoing - send a request to the collector in writing with certified return receipt instructing them to no longer call your workplace.)