Estimated Time to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

One of the initial questions most North Carolina accident victims ask Raleigh injury attorney Brent Adams is how long they need to wait in order to settle their claim and receive a settlement. A critical factor that victims learn is that they generally cannot reopen their injury claim once it settles. Due to this, it is best to wait until the victim has completely recovered physically from the accident injuries. This prevents the victim from settling their case too soon and being in a situation where they require expensive surgery related to their accident injuries. If that happens, the claimant won't have an opportunity to pursue compensation for this post-settlement surgery. Since the severity of accident injuries and the rate at which individuals heal is unpredictable and variable depending on a person's unique health condition, it is often difficult to provide an accurate estimate for time to settle a claim. However, Raleigh injury attorney Brent Adams usually advises victims that once they have healed, the settlement process with an insurance adjuster generally takes about 30 days to reach a settlement figure, then about two weeks more to receive the funds. Another important possibility to consider: The claim may not settle. If this happens then the next option is moving to trial, which can be an unpredictably lengthy process.