Are My NC Workers' Comp Benefits Correct?

Attorney Sheila Chavis is in charge of workers’ compensation at Brent Adams & Associates' Raleigh office. She uses her legal experience to help people who have been treated unfairly by their job. When new clients come to Brent Adams & Associates they often find that the money they are receiving through worker’s compensation is not a fair amount for the hours they spent working. Raleigh workers' comp lawyer Sheila Chavis explains how injured workers can learn if their North Carolina workers' compensation payments are insufficient in the video above.

Injured employees are supposed to receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage as compensation. Sheila Chavis and her staff work hard to see if their clients have been underpaid by obtaining a Form 22 from the insurance company. If a Form 22 is not available they can also receive information from their client’s last payroll check. After finding the correct weekly wage based off of a fifty-two week basis, the Industrial Commission requires a person to be paid two-thirds of their average weekly wage while they are absent from work, under doctor restrictions, or out of work completely.