Sheila Chavis Has Been My Raleigh Workers' Comp Lawyer Since 2007

I have been a client of Brent Adams & Associates since November 2007 where I first met with Raleigh workers' comp lawyer Mrs. Sheila Chavis. Later I was introduced to Mrs. Shirley Griffis (Mrs. Chavis' paralegal) whom I feel as though I've known all my life.

Mrs. Griffis does a great job of encouraging me to think positive, to do all I can to get better and always be truthful.

I am very pleased with Mrs. Griffis no matter the outcome of my case because she along with myself has faith in God.

Mrs. Griffis never fails to ask how I'm doing and asks when my next appointment is and with whom. She never fails to ask if I'm being treated fairly or if there is anything she can help with.

All in all I just love to hear from her because I know she has an encouraging word.

-Sandra C. Spell
Rose Hill, NC