"Wonderful People" at Brent Adams' Raleigh Injury Law Office

I would like to give glory and thanks to my heavenly father first and to this wonderful law firm. You all are wonderful people and we thank you for sharing so much love in the place.

I believe God is pleased at how you present yourself before everyone. You have touched my life, and even though I still have pain, that doesn't matter. All I can think about is how much you all cared for your client and remember that you will always be in my prayers. 

I will recommend your firm to anybody in the world. I would like to give special thanks to Christine. She is a go-getter. I love the way she works. 

My daughter was well pleased and we thank you all once again. May God bless and keep you all safe until we meet again.

-Evangelist Alma Darden
Mount Olive, NC