Brent Adams' NC Personal Injury Firm "Fights Hard"

Please allow me to let you know a few things about your personal injury firm, and in particular, Ms. Wanda Jordan and Sheila Chavis.

These two women and your firm from day one have had my best interests in mind. They have fought hard for me and my family over the past 2 1/2 years.

We have had issues with the insurance company and each time they have fought and won for me and my family. They always are there to talk about any concern and discuss it. I am glad these two, and your personal injury firm in general, are on my side. I sure would hate for you to be against me.

I know with your law firm behind me that in the future my family and I will be taken care of.

Thank you for your devoted service.

-Rodney Capps
Angier, NC