North Carolina Foreclosure Defense Attorney Brent Adams "Vigorously Defended Me"

I have known Raleigh injury lawyer Brent Adams for over twenty years. In November 2007, I was laid off from a national home builder where I had worked for nearly ten years. I had just moved, two months prior, into a home that I built for my family. I had always been current on all payments and had excellent credit established over my (then) 43 years. I continued to make all payments until the middle of 2009. At that point, my reserves ran out and I was unable to continue payments. 

My mortgage was originally serviced by a company out of Florida called Taylor Bean & Whittaker. This company was raided by the FBI and the principals subsequently arrested. The CEO is now serving a long sentence in a Federal Penitentiary. My mortgage was assigned in blank to another loan servicing company and they began foreclosure proceedings.

Upon hearing of my trials, Brent Adams contacted me and asked if he could be of assistance.

Brent Adams was able to delay the fast track proceedings by different strategies. Eventually, despite these gallant efforts, the mortgage company "bought" my house at foreclosure auction. Brent Adams appealed to the Wake County's Superior Court and had the foreclosure ruling overturned based on the fact that the mortgage company did not prove that they owned the note. 

The mortgage company has tried several rounds and Brent Adams has been there every step of the way, vigorously defending me and keeping a roof over my wife and children's heads. I have not made a payment on the property since July of 2009 and am still living, at least for the near future, in the home I built for my family.* 

More recently, in the last month, Brent Adams has defended me in a lawsuit filed by a credit card company. This suit was dismissed. I think they were scared to face "The Bear" in court. I cannot thank Brent Adams enough for what he has done for me and my family. I would highly reccomend him to anybody in need of legal service.

NC Foreclosure Defense Client
Dunn, North Carolina

(Note: This letter was written in May of 2013.)