The "Absolute Best" at the Dunn SSDI Law Office

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of my case.

Vance Jennings, my Dunn SSDI lawyer who is part of your firm, did his absolute best to make sure that I would receive my disability, back Medicaid, Medicare and widow's disability.

With that said, all the cases I had to face and the enduring months I had to wait, well, it was worthwhile and beneficial to me. I had a very unusual and complicated case. Vance was just superb when I went to my hearing. All I had to do was answer my questions honestly to the Judge and Vance did the rest presenting my situation in a very professional and admirable manner to the Judge at my hearing.

I will close now and say I would highly recommend your firm to anyone that faces dilemmas of daily life who can't work because of a disability. You have helped me to find a way to survive as an unemployed widow with health issues. I was so worried and torn after the passing of my spouse and didn't know what to do. He passed with cancer at age 55. I lost my job one year before he passed. Then I was disabled. So you see, Mr. Adams, your firm has come through for me by the grace of God. God helped me find a way and your firm was superb and awesome. Job well done. Again, thank you so much and I will make sure I spread the word!!

-Glenda A. Evans
Dunn, NC