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Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

When searching for Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews, you will find that Brent Adams & Associates is a top rated attorney servicing Raleigh, Fayetteville, Dunn, Clinton, and surrounding areas of North Carolina. We are proud and honored by the compliments and gratitude we receive from our injured clients. Some of the feedback clients have sent us is below. Feel free to contact our Raleigh injury lawyers for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your North Carolina injury case. To leave us a review on Google, please use the button below.

Raleigh Lawyer Reviews


January 2013

north carolina citronella candle explosionBrent Adams & Associates are representing me in a citronella candle explosion which took place in my back yard during the summer of 2012. Without the expertise of Brent Adams, Jeff Martin and the other associates, I would have never known the full extent of my right to claims. Thank you Brent Adams and all the associates working to recover what I am rightfully entitled to. 

-Cory, Kim And Family
Lillington, NC

For North Carolina Injury Attorney Sarah Norris,
I would like to thank you and your co-workers at Brent Adams for all that you have done for my motor vehicle accident case. Your promptness and effective efforts have not gone unnoticed. I will refer my friends to you all; and if I ever need a car accident attorney again I will not hesitate to contact you.
Eric S.

Eric S.

I would like to thank Raleigh workers' compensation attorney Sheila Chavis for helping me with my workers' comp settlement. She is very professional and good at her job. I would highly recommend her in any accident case. She is very compassionate and she is awesome. I hope she continues to help injured workers as she helped me today.

Raleigh, NC


Thank you all for all the help and support of your injury law firm in Dunn.

Shelby Buck


Shelby Buck

"Sharon Jackson, Mr. Adams' paralegal, came to my rehab and explained everything from the beginning. The thoroughness of Mr. Adams and his staff was great, they kept us informed of everything that was happening. We are very glad we chose Mr. Adams' injury law firm in Dunn. I can be a worry wort, but with the close contact his firm kept with us, it was obvious right away we made the right choice. We highly recommend Mr. Adams and his group." -Catherine Dunn

"As far as Mr. Adams, I like him as a man, and he does a good job as a lawyer. He's truthful and what you he tells you--you can bet on." -William Dunn

Dear Mr. Adams:

I am very well satisfied with your legal services and very happy with my North Carolina workers' compensation settlement. Your workers' comp law firm in Raleigh represented me well, attorney Sheila Chavis and her paralegal Shirley worked very hard for me and did an excellent job of gathering information to represent me well. Thank you, Brent Adams & Associates!

-Robert Shelton
Workers' Comp Client from Dunn, NC

If you need a North Carolina disability lawyer, Vance Jennings is awesome! Vance Jennings will fight for you and he is excellent! The whole staff at Brent Adams & Associates are professional and kind. I had a great experience with Brent Adams & Associates. I won my disability and Vance Jennings made that possible. Vance Jennings is very thorough and I recommend him and his disability law firm in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville to everyone who needs an attorney for disability or personal injury.

- Tammy Sabra Gill
North Carolina Disability Client

Your outstanding work took a great burden from my life! I will advertise for you as long as I live. I was so proud to sit by you in the court room! Thank you, Brent. 

I took the money you won for me along with saved money and built a brick home. Thanks for doing such a good job.

-Name withheld at client's request.
NC Insurance Dispute Client

Dunn insurance dispute attorney Brent Adams represented this client through a claim against her insurance company after her home suffered severe water damage. The judge decided to treble the jury's verdict, which meant the insurance dispute settled for three times the damage amount. The award remains confidential.

When I lost my job about two years ago, my wife and I were devastated. We were struggling financially and did not know where to turn. I eventually contacted Raleigh bankruptcy lawyer Brent Adams. He listened to our problems and was so understanding. He gave us excellent advice and has guided us through the whole situation. I don't know what we would have done without his help. We will be forever grateful!

Raleigh, NC

I have known Raleigh injury lawyer Brent Adams for over twenty years. In November 2007, I was laid off from a national home builder where I had worked for nearly ten years. I had just moved, two months prior, into a home that I built for my family. I had always been current on all payments and had excellent credit established over my (then) 43 years. I continued to make all payments until the middle of 2009. At that point, my reserves ran out and I was unable to continue payments. 

My mortgage was originally serviced by a company out of Florida called Taylor Bean & Whittaker. This company was raided by the FBI and the principals subsequently arrested. The CEO is now serving a long sentence in a Federal Penitentiary. My mortgage was assigned in blank to another loan servicing company and they began foreclosure proceedings.

Upon hearing of my trials, Brent Adams contacted me and asked if he could be of assistance.

Brent Adams was able to delay the fast track proceedings by different strategies. Eventually, despite these gallant efforts, the mortgage company "bought" my house at foreclosure auction. Brent Adams appealed to the Wake County's Superior Court and had the foreclosure ruling overturned based on the fact that the mortgage company did not prove that they owned the note. 

The mortgage company has tried several rounds and Brent Adams has been there every step of the way, vigorously defending me and keeping a roof over my wife and children's heads. I have not made a payment on the property since July of 2009 and am still living, at least for the near future, in the home I built for my family.* 

More recently, in the last month, Brent Adams has defended me in a lawsuit filed by a credit card company. This suit was dismissed. I think they were scared to face "The Bear" in court. I cannot thank Brent Adams enough for what he has done for me and my family. I would highly reccomend him to anybody in need of legal service.

NC Foreclosure Defense Client
Dunn, North Carolina

(Note: This letter was written in May of 2013.)

I would like to thank Brent Adams & Associates for your continued support of the Garner Chiropractic Open Charity Tournament.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you over these last several years. Because of your support, we have been able to make a difference in hundreds of children's lives by assisting with health and wellness needs as well as children of military families adversely affected by war through the Patriot Golf Day program. We are pleased to continue our support of the Community of Hope Ministries which helps so many families in the area.

-Dr. Perry Kirch
Garner Chiropractic Open Host

-Betsy Youngblood
Tournament Coordinator

Raleigh injury lawyer Brent Adams was extremely helpful with informing me about medical pay from my personal policy, reimbursement for medical bills from the insurance of the party at fault, and the rights I have to use my personal health insurance at the doctor's office. He was very informative over the phone explaining the whole process to me and gave me honest advice about which scenarios I would need to contract his services. This phone consultation was free of charge and I would definitely sign up for his help! He was trustworthy, responsive, and knowledgable.

-Former North Carolina Personal Injury Client
(Name withheld for privacy purposes.)

North Carolina injury lawyer Brent Adams is a great attorney and a great person. He handled two situations for my father and I and was very professional and thorough in his work. His top qualities are high integrity, great results, and he's an expert.

-David Lucas
Raleigh, NC

Brent Adams & Associates are representing me in a citronella candle explosion which took place in my back yard during the summer of 2012. Without the expertise of Brent AdamsJeff Martin and the other associates, I would have never known the full extent of my right to claims. Thank you Brent Adams, Jeff Martin, and all the associates working to recover what I am rightfully entitled to. 

-Cory, Kim And Family
Lillington, NC

I have known Dunn injury attorney Brent Adams for many years and used Mr. Adams to help me with an accident several years ago. He did a great job for me.

Mr. Adams has helped my family and the community. My friends, my family, and myself trust him and his staff. They are always helpful and really care for their clients.

-Benjamin Fairley
Dunn, NC

The injury law services I received from Brent Adams & Associates were unbelievable. I couldn't have asked for a better Dunn personal injury lawyer. Brent Adams was always there and is very concerned for the well-being of the client. I appreciate the injury law services, and if needed again, I will always remember 1.877.BRENT.ADAMS.

Thank you!

-Tawana Davis
Fairmont, NC

I would like to give glory and thanks to my heavenly father first and to this wonderful law firm. You all are wonderful people and we thank you for sharing so much love in the place.

I believe God is pleased at how you present yourself before everyone. You have touched my life, and even though I still have pain, that doesn't matter. All I can think about is how much you all cared for your client and remember that you will always be in my prayers. 

I will recommend your firm to anybody in the world. I would like to give special thanks to Christine. She is a go-getter. I love the way she works. 

My daughter was well pleased and we thank you all once again. May God bless and keep you all safe until we meet again.

-Evangelist Alma Darden
Mount Olive, NC

Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation to Brent Adams & Associates. I was very relieved when your North Carolina injury law firm accepted my case. I had gotten to the point where I needed help dealing with my employer's insurance adjuster. Your Fayetteville injury law office was really helpful and just plain nice in taking all my information. Wanda Jordan has been really patient with all my questions and concerns. I'm lucky to have her to call to bring me up to date. I really appreciate all the help your office has given me and that it continues to show.

-Shelby Buck
Fayetteville, NC

Working with Raleigh personal injury attorney Brent Adams has been great. All of the office staff have been helpful and very nice. Monica has been very helpful in assisting me with my North Carolina accident case.

-Michelle Spearman
Angier, NC

Your law firm was referred to me by a close friend. Your Board-Certified Social Security Disability Specialist lawyer in Dunn, Vance Jennings, and his assistant Kathy Faircloth are more than an SSDI legal team, they really cared for me and my situation. They kept in constant communication with me all the time, some days we would talk several times in one day. They would call me just to check up on my condition and to let me know how my North Carolina Social Security Disability case was progressing.

Brent Adams, you do not know how many times I have thanked my friend for recommending your Dunn personal injury law firm to represent me. Kathy and Vance are the most professional people I have ever worked with. So many times I will be in a doctor office, restaurant, or in line at the grocery store and I find myself asking, "Why can't these employees be as professional and caring as the people who work at Brent Adams & Associates?"

Thank you again for all the work and help you have done for me.

-Name withheld at client's request.
Lillington, NC

We had been involved in lawsuits and court battles for about three years trying to help my son with his business and a bankruptcy case. We had acquired several lawyers from Fayetteville and Raleigh to help us with the matter, but every time we went to court we always lost our case. Well, we lost the battle, but we won the war. After almost losing everything we had to pay lawyers and court costs we were introduced to Brent Adams by another lawyer who said, "If Brent Adams can't help you, no one can." We hired Brent Adams for a fraction of what the other lawyers had charged us.

Raleigh dispute attorney Brent Adams was genuine and down-to-earth. He made sure we understood everything about our bankruptcy case. We went to court "one time" for a jury trial, which we had never had. Guess what? He won the trial for us hands down and all of the jurors came by and hugged us and shook our hands! If it had not been from Mr. Brent Adams' ability and determination to help us, we would have been in bad shape...to the tune of $168,000, which we did not owe.

We will be eternally grateful for Brent Adams' legal services and if you need a real good dispute lawyer in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn, we would highly recommend Brent Adams.

Thank you again,
Amy Sands Lee
-Spring Lake, NC

We can't begin to thank you and Sheila Chavis enough for all that you have done. You have made this very long journey a little easier to deal with. I know at times you probably wished that I would stop emailing you and asking so many questions. As you know, I am the worrier in the family! Thank you for your patience and guidance through all of this. Thanks a million!!!

-Kenneth and Shirley Faircloth
Coats, NC

I cannot begin to put on paper the appreciation and admiration I have for you and your North Carolina personal injury law staff!

Starting with Delores, a charming, witty and professional lady that always gets my calls through. She is such a delight.

Kathy Faircloth, what can I say? She went 200 extra miles to help me; making calls, keeping me informed, doing her job perfectly and treating me as a friend, not just a client.

Vance Jennings, he is the best. He did all that could be done to win my case. He is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I am so indebted to him and your staff.

My husband, Wilbert K. Hobbs, has a pending case.

I did not mean to leave anyone out. You have both mine and my husband's eternal gratitude for such a God-sent help.

-Margaret Sue Sutton-Hobbs
Newton Grove, NC

I really appreciate the caring professional attitude with which my needs were met by Brent Adams & Associates.

None of the local Dunn injury attorneys were willing to take my injury case because all of them knew the company where I had fallen and was injured.

It was such a relief to have an injury attorney listen to me and "go to bat" for me. Especially since it was a great big slip-and-fall case. Sheila Chavis was very professional and had a very caring disposition. It was as if I was her only client. It really was great, the way she put me at ease and kept in contact even though I was not one of her biggest cases. It proved to me that everyone is important to your staff--that you do live up to your slogan: "We make things right."

Thank you sincerely,
-Alice Pope
Clinton, NC

Dunn injury lawyer Brent Adams took my injury case as soon as I came in to talk with him. I was in a North Carolina car accident and broke my femur. He sat down and talked with me and made sure he got all the information correct. He then put Todd Beckham on my injury case and Todd made sure everything was taken care of. Todd called me every week to make sure I was doing okay and to keep me updated on my case. After everything was settled, they moved quickly to get me my money. 

Thank you for all your help.

-Amber Swope
Erwin, NC

I am grateful for the service I received from NC workers' comp attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates. After being very dissatisfied with another workers' comp lawyer, I was referred to Mr. Adams through a doctor. From day one I was amazed at the time and attention that I received.  Not only was I treated like a client, but also as a friend. Mrs. Wanda and Mrs. Sheila never once failed to return a phone call or to keep in contact. I was continuously updated about the progress of my case, unlike with the previous injury attorney that I had worked with.

I would recommend this office to anyone who is in need of a NC workers' compensation attorney.

- Teresa Magby
Lumberbridge, NC

Please allow me to let you know a few things about your personal injury firm, and in particular, Ms. Wanda Jordan and Sheila Chavis.

These two women and your firm from day one have had my best interests in mind. They have fought hard for me and my family over the past 2 1/2 years.

We have had issues with the insurance company and each time they have fought and won for me and my family. They always are there to talk about any concern and discuss it. I am glad these two, and your personal injury firm in general, are on my side. I sure would hate for you to be against me.

I know with your law firm behind me that in the future my family and I will be taken care of.

Thank you for your devoted service.

-Rodney Capps
Angier, NC

On or about May 2011, I visited the NC injury law office of Brent Adams & Associates after my life changed drastically from a workplace accident. From the time I walked in until final papers were signed, Mr. Adams and all his staff were extremely helpful and had my best interest in mind. I left all the "worries" to them with assurance that if anyone would be able to help me, it would be them. I could never express my gratitude for the competent work and kindess shown to me during this unfortunate accident.

-Donna Gail Faircloth
Dunn, NC

Its a pretty good end to a nightmare. Now the job is getting on with life. Just wanted to tell all you guys that you have been great, especially you and Sheila. I will always remember the both of you. I will stop by to say hello from time to time if that's okay.
Thanks again.
-Steve Adams
Erwin, NC

Dale and I want to thank SSDI attorney Vance Jennings for his help in getting Dale SSDI and Medicaid. Dale is getting the help he has needed now for over three years. We know this would not have been possible without Vance Jennings' help. The doctors have already told Dale he has CPD, enlarged heart and scarring on the lungs.

Thank you again for all your help with our NC SSDI claim.

Mavis Starling
-Clinton, NC

I am writing to say Brent Adams' personal injury law firm is one of the best. Brent Adams & Associates personal injury lawyers handled my case for me. Not only is this injury firm fighting for their clients, but Brent Adams is one of the best humans I have ever known.

Brent Adams is tops. I wish that all injury law firms were honest like Brent Adams & Associates.

-Frances King
Dunn, NC

I was in a car accident and came to Brent Adams & Associates for help. Their auto accident attorneys took my claim and helped me out tremendously. They gathered all my bills and contacted the insurance company for me, which made it a lot easier. I had less for me to worry about so I could focus on going to the doctor and getting myself better. Brent Adams' car accident lawyers made me feel really welcome when I called or came in. They helped me get myself together and I truly appreciate them for that.

-Ashley McDonald
Dunn, NC

Thank you so much for the donation of pill bottles for the Senior Fun & Fitness Day in Harnett County. They were very much appreciated by the seniors! They received them in their goody bags. The seniors really enjoying trying a variety of games and activities to get them interested in the Senior Games, which will be held in the spring, followed by a hot dog lunch.

We appreciate your willingness to support the seniors in the community in this fun event. Your business is such an asset to our community.

-Kathleen Collins, Carl Davis, Sharon Stevens, Debby Vaughn & Vicky Walden
Harnett County of North Carolina's Department on Aging | Elderly Nutrition Program
Lillington, NC

When my husband and I were involved in an NC automobile accident, we though our world had ended. We didn't know what to do. Brent Adams & Associates took our case and it seemed af the weight of the world had been lifted.

When we put our confidence in Brent Adams & Associates we knew that was one of the best decisions we had ever made. Brent and his staff handled everything for us.

Without a doubt, Brent Adams' NC personal injury law firm went the extra mile, even visiting our home to see how we were doing.

I can now walk without the use of my cane and you don't know what a joy it is to be able to work in my garden again.

Again, thank you for all the hard work that your staff have done for us.

-Catherine Dunn
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Brent Adams is awesome!! I have told all my friends that if they are ever in a NC car wreck, to call Brent Adams & Associates, and don't trust the insurance company. When I first went to Brent Adams & Associates, I was put at ease when someone filled out all the paperwork for me and I didn't have to pay anything out of my pocket.

There is no way I could have done it alone and fought the big insurance company.

I am so grateful for having the very best car accident attorneys in North Carolina represent me--and they are Brent Adams & Associates.

Again, thank you for all your help with my car accident case.

-Andrea Council
Fayetteville, NC

Sometimes special people come into our lives. Raleigh SSDI attorney Vance Jennings is certainly one of those people. I was at my wit's end when I came to Brent Adams & Associates. I was put at ease after someone filled out all the paperwork for me.

There was no way I could have done this alone and fight the Social Security Administration for my disability benefits the way Mr. Jennings and the Brent Adams & Associates staff did for me. I will continue to tell everyone about the great Vance Jennings and his miracle workers!

Again, I thank them for all their help.

-Sharon Boarders
Fayetteville, NC

When I had my on-the-job injury, I didn't know which way to turn. The insurance company didn't want to pay for me to be out of work and they sent me to a doctor that wasn't helping me. They said I had to go to him because he was the company doctor.

Someone told me to find a good NC workers' compensation lawyer, I could not have found any personal injury law firm better than Brent Adams & Associates! Wanda kept the insurance rep straight and made her do the things she should have done to begin with.

I was just about to give up and just live with my injury until I called Brent Adams & Associates. Without Wanda and Shirley I would have received nothing from the insurance company, but now I can continue to provide for my family. I have just received my settlement check and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thank you so much for your help with my injury case.

-Gordon Bridge
Dunn, NC

Raleigh workers' comp lawyer Sheila Chavis and Wanda Jordan will never know how much I appreciate everything they have done for me. I had called and talked with other North Carolina injury lawyers, but none of them would take my case because they want simple, quick, and easy cases. They didn't want any case that they have to work for. Sheila and Wanda jumped on my case and began working for me as if I was the only client they had.

I was borrowing money just to make my payments, and at one time the repossession man came to my house to get my truck. It seemed that no one cared about me until I met Sheila and Wanda. They really cared for me and would call and check up on me just to see how I was doing. I am really pleased as to how things turned out for me thanks to Sheila and Wanda and all the hard work they did.

Kathy Faircloth is now helping me with my North Carolina disability case and she is working hard too to help me get my disability benefits.

THANK YOU, Mr. Brent Adams for having such a caring and professional staff!!! I promise that I will tell everyone about the wonderful people at Brent Adams & Associates.

-Marcus Barnhill
Elizabethtown, NC

I have been a client of Brent Adams & Associates since November 2007 where I first met with Raleigh workers' comp lawyer Mrs. Sheila Chavis. Later I was introduced to Mrs. Shirley Griffis (Mrs. Chavis' paralegal) whom I feel as though I've known all my life.

Mrs. Griffis does a great job of encouraging me to think positive, to do all I can to get better and always be truthful.

I am very pleased with Mrs. Griffis no matter the outcome of my case because she along with myself has faith in God.

Mrs. Griffis never fails to ask how I'm doing and asks when my next appointment is and with whom. She never fails to ask if I'm being treated fairly or if there is anything she can help with.

All in all I just love to hear from her because I know she has an encouraging word.

-Sandra C. Spell
Rose Hill, NC

I've had nothing but wonderful results with this firm. When calling over the phone you get Mr. Moses. You can see his smile over the phone. This is always pleasant and always polite. If you are not feeling well he lifts you up and makes you feel better.

My case worker is Mrs. Kathy Faircloth. My first meeting with her was very comforting. She made me feel like everything was going to be alright. When I call I get her right away. 

I feel better knowing I've chosen the best firm that I can get anywhere. Nothing but great results. I'm very thankful and pleased that I'm being represented by the best.

-Lillie Johnson
Dunn, NC

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of my case.

Vance Jennings, my Dunn SSDI lawyer who is part of your firm, did his absolute best to make sure that I would receive my disability, back Medicaid, Medicare and widow's disability.

With that said, all the cases I had to face and the enduring months I had to wait, well, it was worthwhile and beneficial to me. I had a very unusual and complicated case. Vance was just superb when I went to my hearing. All I had to do was answer my questions honestly to the Judge and Vance did the rest presenting my situation in a very professional and admirable manner to the Judge at my hearing.

I will close now and say I would highly recommend your firm to anyone that faces dilemmas of daily life who can't work because of a disability. You have helped me to find a way to survive as an unemployed widow with health issues. I was so worried and torn after the passing of my spouse and didn't know what to do. He passed with cancer at age 55. I lost my job one year before he passed. Then I was disabled. So you see, Mr. Adams, your firm has come through for me by the grace of God. God helped me find a way and your firm was superb and awesome. Job well done. Again, thank you so much and I will make sure I spread the word!!

-Glenda A. Evans
Dunn, NC

I am very pleased with Brent Adams & Associates. I am big on customer service. They have given me 100% satisfaction in customer service. They called me to let me know how my case was coming along. I had read the North Carolina injury law book written by Brent Adams. It gave me lots of important information about my injury case. The book helped me to make up my mind to pick them to represent me. I am glad I did. They make me feel like I am the only customer. Monica is great. Always happy and pleasant to talk to.

-Toriana Winston
Fayetteville, NC

I'm writing this letter to express my gratitude for all that Brent Adams & Associates have done for me over the past 10 years.

When I first met Raleigh injury lawyer Brent Adams, I was so impressed with his honesty and knowledge. As we talked, it was clear to me that he knew exactly what needed to be done. He never once said you would have to look up anything I asked about, he just knew the answers. He listened to what I had to say and then took control of the big mess and soon had everything going smoothly. He gave me his home and cell phone numbers and told me to call anytime I had a question. Every time we met he had that warm wonderful smile, and when we talked I always felt reassured about my cases. I knew I had someone on my side and through the years our friendship has meant the world to me. He always made things better and kept the insurance companies from tormenting me to tears. I can't put into words all the great things he has done to help me even now. He just never stops.

When I lost my sight in 2004 your office gave me Raleigh injury lawyer Sheila Chavis and Shirley Griffis to help with my case. Thanks to your choice of people I'm still here. There were times when I wanted to just give up and die. The pain and loss of my sight were just too much. But the girls would call every week and tell me not to give up and things would get better--and they were right.

I love you and appreciate all the wonderful things you have done to help me have a better life. Not every North Carolina injury lawyer would give a person his cell phone and home phone and say "call me anytime you need me."

Again, I would like to thank you for everything. I honestly wouldn't be here today if I hadn't found you.

God bless and love you.

-Lois Usina
Moncure, NC

Thank you for a very satisfactory settlement regarding my North Carolina accident.

I have known Raleigh injury lawyer Brent Adams since 1951. In the Bible the lawyers were always tempting Jesus and he taught them to love their neighbor (everyone) with their heart, soul and mind. I feel if all of us follow God and Jesus' teachings we will be better people and good Christians. Thank you for showing that person in your dealing with me.

Thank you again.

-Mildred Matthews
Autryville, NC

Thank you for the book Ten Costly Mistakes That Can Wreck Your North Carolina Case. The book was more extensive and informative than I expected. Truthfully, I was thinking it would only be a pamphlet or brochure and a very superficial treatment of the subject matter. I'm impressed with what your Raleigh car accident lawyer Brent Adams put together.

Thank you again.

-Peg Turner
Raleigh, NC

Dunn injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates helped me out a lot. Especially when I had no idea of what to do after an accident. They jumped in and made things happen. I just don't know what I would have done.

If there is ever a legal problem, Brent Adams is the first I would call for help.

Thanks, Brent, and God bless you and keep His blessings coming.

-Ella C. Gillis
Dunn, NC

Dunn Social Security Disability lawyer Vance Jennings and Kathy Faircloth are a blessing. They went beyond means with my North Carolina disability case, which I could not have done by myself.

Brent Adams & Associates are wonderful people. I would recommend Brent Adams to anyone.

-Emma Wolfe
Dunn, NC

I am writing this letter to say the North Carolina injury law firm of Brent Adams is one of the best. Not only is his firm fighting for his clients, but he is one of the best humans I have ever known. God handles his law firm and his family altogether. This firm has handled things for me and he is tops. I wish that all the North Carolina injury law firms were honest like Brent Adams' firm.

-Frances King
Dunn, NC

I want to thank you and your North Carolina injury law office representives for your services. One of your representatives, Todd Beckham, has been wonderful through my bad times and good. I want to thank you also for giving me a chance to speak about what you all have done for me. So I'm glad to take this time to say thanks to you all.

God bless you all.

-Cynthia J. Hill
New York, NY

After the accident, I didn't know which way to go. The insurance company began calling, wanting me to agree to things I didn't understand. It was scary. But then I visited the North Carolina injury law firm of Brent Adams & Associates. They gave me my options and began handling everything right away. They even called every couple of days just to ask how I was and if I needed anything. Now, I only worry about my recovery.

Thank you, Brent Adams and Associates. God bless.

-Lisa Embry
Erwin, NC

Just a short note to let you know your North Carolina injury lawyers and your staff have definitely changed my opinion of lawyers.

I did not expect the caring attitude of my case manager, Cynthia, and her frequent calls advising me of the status of my case. Most importantly I appreciated the honesty of the Brent Adams Nrth Carolina injury law firm.

I would and do highly recommended Fayetteville injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates to others involved in accidents.

Thank you so much.

-Keturah Halilma
Fayetteville, NC

Dunn injury lawyer Brent Adams and his staff are the greatest! Sometimes when you go to a business, employees treat you like you are nothing. But not at Brent Adams & Associates' Dunn injury law firm. All the staff and Mr. Adams actually treat you like family. They really care for you and go out of their way to help every time I came in. I would recommend Brent Adams & Associates to everyone.

-Reginald T. Proctor, Sr.
Dunn, NC

Dunn injury lawyer Brent Adams is one of the best injury lawyers in the country. All the people in his North Carolina injury law office are really great! They really care for you and your case. Brent Adams did more for me than I expected. I don't know why anyone would ever go to another lawyer other than Brent Adams. I would and will recommend Brent to anyone!

-Ernest Thornton
Dunn, NC

My name is Melinda and I am 19 years old. I was involved in an accident and I knew I needed to seek a North Carolina lawyer's help. The first person who came to mind was Dunn injury lawyer Brent Adams. I have always heard so much about this firm and I can honestly say I am very pleased with the service they provided me. The case worker I dealt with was very kind and sweet. She never made me feel uncomfortable and I felt like I could be myself. She is a wonderful lady and I am thankful for her help. The entire staff is just amazing. Thank you all for helping me in every way you could. I will be referring you all to anyone in need. Thanks again.

-Melinda Baldree
Dunn, NC

I am a client of Brent Adams & Associates and I have been extremely happy with this decision. Shirley Griffis, who works in the Raleigh injury law office with workers' comp lawyer Sheila Chavis, and Cynthia who worked in the Fayetteville office, have been heaven-sent. North Carolina personal injury attorney Brent Adams took my case on like it was personal to him. I really appreciate that feeling. Without hesitation, if I were asked for a reference regarding an attorney, I would refer anyone to Brent Adams & Associates. 

-Bertina Parkins
Raeford, NC

Brent Adams & Associates went above and beyond their call. I greatly appreciate everything this office has done for me. If I need future assistance, I will call on this office.

Thank you!

-Donna L. Smith
Monks Corner, SC