Receive the Workers' Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To

Injured Workers Book

Workers' comp lawyer Brent Adams has helped hundreds of injured workers collect their North Carolina workers' compensation benefits. He knows what you need to do to protect yourself and how to avoid many of the common mistakes that have unnecessarily cost injured workers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Before you talk to an insurance adjuster and before you hire a North Carolina workers' comp lawyer, you need to have the important information available to you in this free e-Book.

This book includes answers on topics like:

  • Do you even need a workers' comp lawyer to help you with your case?
  • The 15 costly mistakes that can ruin your workers' compensation claim
  • Things you should do immediately after your on-the-job injury
  • How to manage doctors, medical and vocational rehabilitation professionals
  • How to handle job interviews and the importance of keeping detailed job search logs
  • What to do when you are being followed by a private detective
  • How to avoid termination of your workers' compensation benefits
  • How to locate a good workers' compensation lawyer and how to choose the right lawyer

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