The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claims

North Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical professionals are taught to "do no harm," however over $35 billion was dispensed to victims of medical malpractice in 2009, this amount is after insurance policies were exhausted. Most cases involve medical error, resulting from wrong-site surgeries and birth injuries, to disfigurement and wrongful death.

What are compensatory damages? What are punitive damages? Brent Adams, North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer, answers these questions and uncovers the truth behind medical malpractice claims in his book, available free to anyone who was injured as a result of medical negligence.

Only 14% of medical malpractice incidents turn into reported cases, according to 2012 reports released from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Anyone who believes they are a victim of malpractice is entitled to a free copy of Brent Adams' book to help them learn about laws behind successful medical malpractice cases and what is needed for a solid case.

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