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You may not need a lawyer to help you with your claim against the negligent driver who hurt you. However if you have been a victim of a collision in North Carolina you must have the valuable information contained in this free book. This information will protect you from making serious costly mistakes when dealing with an insurance adjuster. The book gives you an easy to understand step by step game plan for collecting the most money possible for your claim.


In this book you will learn:


  • CONSUMER ALERT:  Insurance Adjusters Are Not On Your Side - They are trained experienced professionals whose only job is to save their company as much money as possible by short changing you.  They will seek to pay you the least money possible for your claim.  Our book which we will send you for free and with no obligation, will keep the insurance adjuster from taking advantage of you.

  • It Is Not Usually Necessary To Go To Trial (Or Even To Hire A Lawyer) -  It is important that the insurance adjuster has respect for your lawyer and knows that your lawyer will go to court for you if necessary.  The insurance adjuster must see your lawyer as a big risk if they do not treat you fairly.  Some lawyers will not go to trial.  See our free book to learn how to choose the right lawyer for your case.

  • All Lawyers Do Not Have The Same Skill -  If you have a serious personal injury case you need to consult an experienced qualified personal injury lawyer to help you.  See our free book to learn how to protect yourself against misleading lawyer advertising.

  • In North Carolina, The Victim Of A Negligent Driver Is Required To Prove They Were Injured In A Collision -  See our free book to learn how to deal with doctors who treat you for your collision related injuries.  Not knowing how to properly deal with doctors can cost you a significant amount of money.


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