Legal Representation for Medical Malpractice in North Carolina

north carolina medical malpracticeOur medical malpractice lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn handle any type of medical malpractice claim that arises when doctors or other healthcare professionals are careless and provide treatment below the standard of care.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

North Carolina is full of wonderful physicians and medical facilities, most of which are honest and dedicated to the optimal health and well-being of their patients. However, when doctors are careless and someone is injured or killed as a result of that carelessness, doctors should be held accountable for their actions and mistakes the same as a person in any other field. Out of all the medical malpractice situations that occur each year, only an average of 2% are ever filed as insurance claims--and most of the physicians involved in these cases are never even disciplined.

North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer Brent Adams wrote The Truth About Medical Malpractice Claimsa book that explains how laws affect victims of negligence in healthcare. The book is free to anyone who believes they have been injured due to medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Each year in the United States, an average of 80,000 people die as the result or partial result of some kind of medical malpractice. One study regarding health care quality looked at a variety of different autopsy results and found that an astonishing 40 percent of medical deaths are the result of a misdiagnosis, with most ultimately resulting in death. Plus, in nearly one in three surgeries, surgical sponges are left behind inside the patient. These kinds of statistics are simply frightening and unacceptable.

The important thing for people to know is that they have rights when it comes to the kind of medical care they receive. If they have not been given the kind of medical care they deserved, or worse, were permanently injured as the result of a doctor's negligence, our medical malpractice attorneys in Raleigh can help.

We have a handful of offices and serve the entire state. Our lawyers work diligently every day fighting for injured people's rights. The law is intended to serve all people equally. However, unless ordinary people who are victims of medical malpractice are represented by competent lawyers who have the resources and ability to employ the necessary experts and technology to properly and aggressively process a claim or lawsuit, ordinary people will not be on an equal footing with medical doctors. That is why our team of North Carolina medical malpractice lawyers is dedicated to providing ordinary people with representation that puts them on a level playing field with doctors and hospitals.

It is important that you know and understand all of your rights when it comes to filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, as well as understanding the differences between the many medical malpractice lawyers North Carolina has to offer. At Brent Adams & Associates, we understand that each medical malpractice case is different and may require the application of a variety of different laws and regulations, depending on the specific details of the case.

Your initial consultation with us is entirely free. After reviewing the details of your case, we'll discuss your options and you can then make an informed decision of whether or not you wish to proceed with your claim with us, with alternative counsel, on your own, or perhaps not at all. If you would like for us to analyze your case, fill out our online form or call us at 877-BRENT-ADAMS.