North Carolina Insurance Dispute Lawyers

When a North Carolina insurance dispute arises over whether or not a claim is being handled properly by an insurance policy, you’ll need insurance dispute lawyer in Raleigh with experience handling this unique area of law. In Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville North Carolina, you will find skilled insurance dispute lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates. Our practice represents individuals who have been injured, disabled or taken advantage of by insurance agencies or large corporations. We never represent big business or corporations, and instead focus solely on individuals who have suffered a loss as a result of someone else’s negligence. We speak for those who don’t have a voice and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Types of Insurance Disputes

There are many different types of insurance, and each one is regulated by a unique set of laws and procedures. Knowing how each type of insurance operates is similar to speaking several different languages. Our team of insurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh is fluent in the many languages of insurance rules and regulations, and this includes homeowner’s, medical, collision, automobile, errors and omissions, commercial general liability, officers and directories insurance policies, and many other types of insurance. Most insurers take advantage of what you don’t know. We know how insurance companies operate and we understand how important it is for cases to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Insurance Dispute Litigation in North Carolina

We never recommend settling insurance disputes in North Carolina cheaply just to obtain a quick resolution. If your case requires us to go to court for you, our attorneys are ready to fight for your legal rights in front of a judge. But we have found that sometimes it is in the best interests of all parties involved to settle the insurance dispute without going to trial. If the situation warrants, and our attorneys recommend it, our expert mediators will negotiate with the insurance companies to arrive at a resolution that is acceptable to all involved parties; however, we will never agree to a settlement that is against our clients’ interests or does not satisfy their demands completely.

Fight Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Brent Adams & Associates has many years of experience fighting for clients against insurance companies that practice bad faith. Examples of bad faith include an insurance company refusing to pay valid disability claims or handling claims and clients unfairly. We understand the financial pressures placed upon individuals and families during insurance disputes. We also understand that one of the primary tactics of insurers is to delay as much as possible, so that the financal difficulties of the plaintiff will force them to settle for as little as possible. We make it a point to help our clients seek out and apply for any and all available financial aid.

A consultation with one of our insurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh are scheduled at no cost. If you feel your insurance company is not living up to its promises, Brent Adams & Associates would be happy to review your case and put forth every effort to resolve your insurance dispute quicky and for the greatest possible amount provided for by law.