Defective Drug Attorneys in North Carolina

Prescription errors, medical administration mistakes, or pharmaceutical manufacturer negligence might contribute to a drug injury victim's condition. Taking legal action against giant pharamceutical companies and healthcare providers involves navigating complex legal jargon and a long chain of command. Our defective drug lawyers can help make understading legal requirements easier for you. We can also explain what you might be able to recover through out-of-court and jury trial settlements.

Prescription drugs help provide relief and necessary treatment for hundreds of different health conditions, but when innocent patients consume defective drugs they might experience long-term damage, develop drug injuries or illnesses, and fail to properly treat the condition the drugs were initially prescribed for.

If you or someone you know died or is suffering symptoms that you believe are linked to a defective drug, contact a doctor and one of our defective drug lawyers in Raleigh, Cary, Fayetteville or Dunn immediately. Laws surrounding drugs are extremely complex. One of the defective drug attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates can answer questions about your injury claim and explain what compensation you're entitled to if you suffered harm from defective or ineffective prescription drugs.