North Carolina Named the 10th Most Dangerous State for Drivers

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North Carolina car accident lawyers break down the findings of a recent study.

A recent nationwide traffic safety study by Forbes ranked North Carolina the 10th most dangerous state for drivers in the country due to a wide range of factors, including the number of car accident fatalities each year.

“While (serious car) accidents can occur anywhere, some U.S. states have more dangerous roads than others,” according to the recent Forbes study, which compared a wide range of motor vehicle accident data for each state.

Sadly, such news is no surprise to the North Carolina car accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates. That’s because our legal team has been fighting for the rights of crash victims in North Carolina for years, and we've seen the devastation that car accidents here can cause.

What makes North Carolina’s roads so dangerous?

The recent nationwide Forbes traffic safety study compared car accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Forbes then compared the data based on five different criteria, including:

  • Number of fatal car accidents per capita
  • Total people killed in car accidents per capita
  • Percentage of car accident deaths due to speeding
  • Rate of car accident fatalities due to drunk driving
  • Percentage change in the number of car accident fatalities in 2020 compared to 2019

Forbes then ranked each state based on the worst to best. The most dangerous state for drivers nationwide was Montana, with a score of 45.85 out of 100. The safest state was New Jersey, with a score of 9.15 out of 100. North Carolina received a score of 31.3 and was ranked the 10th most dangerous state in the country for drivers.

Speeding-related accidents in North Carolina

One primary reason North Carolina did so poorly in the Forbes traffic safety study is the high number of car accident fatalities due to speeding drivers. According to the Forbes study, an estimated 32 percent of car accident deaths each year in North Carolina are due to speeding.

Since 2016, car accident fatalities in North Carolina due to speeding drivers have increased nearly every year. In 2020, in particular, speeding-related car accident deaths in North Carolina increased by 47.7 percent, from 331 deaths in 2019 to 489 deaths in 2020, according to the NHTSA.

Drunk driving accidents in North Carolina

Another reason why North Carolina received such a bad score on the Forbes driver safety study was due to the large number of motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers. Forbes reported that an estimated 35 percent of car accident fatalities in North Carolina occur every year due to drunk drivers.

Forbes’ findings reflect North Carolina car accident data about drunk drivers collected by the NHTSA. Since 2016, the number of car accident deaths due to drunk driving has increased every year in North Carolina, including a 17.6 percent increase in 2020 (when there were 454 drunk driving fatalities) compared to 2019 (when there were 386 drunk driving deaths).

How a North Carolina car accident attorney can help

Accident-related expenses can add up fast. Whether it’s medical bills, vehicle repairs, replacement income, or other injury-related expenses, the financial toll of your car crash might be thousands of dollars or more.

Unfortunately, without experienced legal representation to help you deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company, you could end up losing out on the compensation you're entitled to under the law. That’s why it’s critical that you talk to an experienced North Carolina car accident lawyer right away. The experienced legal team at Brent Adams & Associates can fight for the maximum financial compensation you rightfully deserve, whether in the form of a settlement claim or a car accident lawsuit.

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