Wrong Way Accident On I-77 Near Charlotte Caused By Drunk Driver

Posted on Jul 22, 2010
A wrong way driver on Interstate 77 in North Carolina caused a truck accident this week – and the NC Highway Patrol believes that alcohol was the main factor in this wrong way interstate accident.

According to WBTV New Channel 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the accident took place just after two in the morning in the heart of Charlotte. A man who had come from a drinking establishment drove on the exit ramp onto I-77 going in the wrong direction. The man, identified as 61-year-old Arthur Bidgood of Charlotte, continued driving the wrong way on the interstate near the John Belk Freeway until he caused a pickup with an attached trailer to serve and jackknife. A tractor-trailer then ran into the pickup truck’s trailer. Paint from the first trailer was spilled across the interstate and Bidgood received minor injuries in the wrong way drunk driving car accident.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol charged Bidgood with Drinking While Impaired, Reckless Driving, and Driving the Wrong Way. The DUI car accident took place on Thursday, July 15.

Drinking and driving is the most common cause of wrong way interstate accidents in North Carolina. Other causes of wrong way accidents are confused drivers, poor road design, and poor signage. Wrong way interstate accidents are more common than most people know, with hundreds of serious accidents happening each year around the country. In many cases, these car accidents are fatal because vehicles often collide head-on going at very high rates of speed.

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