Workers' Comp Payments for Healthcare Higher Than Private Insurance

Posted on Jul 02, 2013

A new report of twenty-two states, including North Carolina, shows that healthcare payments for workers' compensation medical care are higher than benefits from private insurers.

The amounts that North Carolina workers' compensation paid for common surgeries included in the study were approximately 2-4 times greater than what group health insurance providers paid.

Our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers reviewed the study, which includes numbers from actual surgeries, costs, and payments made for North Carolina workers' comp cases since 2009. Back and shoulder injuries at work are common, especially in North Carolina where there are many warehouses and packaging plants. Even in an office job it is possible to slip-and-fall and injure one's shoulder. The report shows that workers' compensation paid for surgeries associated with shoulder injuries at least $2,000 more than private insurers paid for the same procedures.

This is bringing a lot of attention to how lawmakers and policymakers will address workers' comp and the healthcare system. Now our North Carolina workers' comp lawyers will be keeping an even closer eye on bills that pass through the NC General Assembly. We will share news of any new NC workers' comp laws on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The study was provided by the Workers' Compensation Research Institute.

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