Wooden Plank Crashes Though Driver’s Windshield In North Carolina

Posted on Apr 22, 2011
It’s the terrifying car accident video that is being seen around the world: A woman in Shelby, North Carolina, films a six-foot plank being kicked up by a car in front of her and flying into her windshield, crashing through the glass and coming to rest just inches from where she is driving.

According to new sources around the world, Wendy Cobb was driving on an NC highway on April 1, when she noticed that two commercial trucks in front of her were intentionally blocking traffic. She decided to record the incident on video and inform their employers – but that was far from the most interesting thing she caught on tape. As she films, a truck in front of her runs over a two-by-four and the tire flings it into her windshield. The YouTube video that she posted of the even has received hundreds of thousands of views and has been featured on national television.

While many have been calling the video a “freak accident,” car accidents that involve road debris are more common than you may think. Each year, thousands of people are involved in accidents after debris is kicked up from the road or that falls from another vehicle. Many of these car accidents would never take place if not for someone’s negligence.

How can we prevent these highway debris accidents from taking place? Always properly tie down any load on your car or truck, and call authorities if you spot a dangerous piece of debris on the highway.

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