Wood County Accident On I-77 Caused By Rainy Weather

Posted on Apr 29, 2010
A North Carolina woman was seriously injured when her car hydroplaned on I-77 in Wood County.

The North Carolina State Patrol says that the rainy conditions certainly played a part in the NC car accident. According to crash investigator Wood County Deputy Mike Deem, the 57-year-old Winston woman Judith Gillespie was driving southbound on I-77 when she lost control of her car due to slick roads and crossed the interstate median.

Wood County Sheriff Officials told reporters that Gillespie was being evaluated and treated for her car accident injuries at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital in North Carolina.

Deem says that initial investigations into the crash lead him to believe that water and hydroplaning was the overwhelming cause of the accident – and reminded drivers to be care in slick road conditions and in rainy weather. While many drivers understand that snowy weather or icy conditions can make NC roads treacherous, many people underestimate the dangers of wet roads and hydroplaning. The best way to prevent a serious hydroplaning accident in poor weather conditions? Slow down or stay off of the roads altogether. Another good way to prevent hydroplaning is to make sure you keep your tires filled and replace your tires when they become worn. Finally, you can pay close attention to standing water in the road and avoid it if possible.

If your car does hydroplane, it is important to not panic, not press the brakes, and not try to turn the wheel – all three responses can cause your car to skid out of control.

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