Woman Who Lost Legs In Accident Having Trouble Securing Disability Benefits

Posted on Apr 20, 2009
According to digtriad.com, a woman in Asheboro, North Carolina is having trouble securing social security disability benefits despite the fact that she lost both of her legs in a car wreck. This story of those with real disabilities struggling against the Social Security Administration (SSA) for benefits is all too common.

Tina Byrd survived a serious car accident in Triad last October, and included a doctor's note, hospital records, medical bills, and a police report with her Social Security Disability Insurance benefits application. Still, though, her case is being denied due to lack of medical evidence.

"You're here thinking you know I can't do nothing. This is a disability," Byrd said. "This is definitely.. point blank... no questions asked."

Currently the Triad, North Carolina woman is living off of long-term disability from her former job and waiting for other support. Her husband recently lost his job, and they are having trouble paying for their basic needs. Right now, her disability check from her former employer pays only for health insurance and their mortgage.

When WFMY News Channel Two called the SSA to enquire into Byrd's denied claim, they were told it was being process - yet Byrd has been waiting for six months for a response when a normal response time in the area is half of that. Shortly after the media contacted Social Security, they contacted Byrd about her case.

"I wanna cry sometimes," Byrd said. "But I also think, at least I'm still here."

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