Woman Bitten By Rottweiler While Protecting Children

Posted on Mar 31, 2009
MSNBC and News Channel 36 out of Charlotte, North Carolina report that a mother was attacked by an aggressive Rottweiler dog while trying to protect young children from the dangerous animal.

In Huntersville, North Carolina, located in the Tanner Creek neighborhood, mother Sharis Van Sciver spotted a stray dog near a group of elementary students waiting for a bus. Van Sciver, who works with rescue animals for a living, determined that the large dog was a danger to the children and contacted police for assistance.

According to Van Sciver, the dog was malnourished, terrified, shaking, and growling. The animal was dragging a broken chain and appeared to have broken teeth from escaping from its owner's yard.

The woman and the police officer cautiously approached the dog, the police officer with shotgun in hand. But as the pair led the dog away from the school children, the dog was spooked by a noise in the distance and bit Van Sciver's hand, resulting in puncture wounds.

In response to the sudden dog attack, the police officer shot and killed the dog on the spot. The first shot wounded the dog and was followed a two more shots to kill the aggressive animal.

"Officer Almond, the entire time, had his shotgun trained on the dog because you never know," Van Sciver said.

Van Sciver was taken to the hospital, where the dog bite wounds on her hand were cleaned and bandaged.

Because the dog had a collar and chain, police assume the dog has an owner. However, since the dog was not wearing tags, the owner can't be located. Police believe that the owner of the dangerous animal was possibly mistreating the dog and could face charges for negligence.

Neighbors report that the dog had been wandering the area for several months before the incident.