Witnesses to the Rescue

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

Witnesses to a car driving off the side of a cliff in Plymouth, Massachusets rushed to help as soon as the car landed in some brush. 

Boston firefighter, Georga Caray, was one of the people who ran to the rescue.

"I was just coming up from the beach and everybody on the beach just heard this car go over a cliff," he told WCVB5. "The guy was unconscious when we got to him. The car was still running, and it was on its side, so it was filling up with the exhaust, you know."

Caray and another bystander ran to the car to save the man inside.

"We took a rock and busted out the back window, and then we were going in after him, and he started to move and everything, and he got his own way out," Caray said describing how they saved the man.

Other witnesses say the driver was responsive.

Joe O'Brien, a witness, said, "He was aware of where he was. He said he was in Plymouth. He knew he was by the ocean. That's about all you could get out of him."

Nurses who lived nearby came to the scene to help, and the fire department arrived within minutes.  

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