Will Senate Bill 10 Pass? What it Means for North Carolina Injured Workers

Posted on Feb 06, 2013

NC workers compensation attorneyOur NC workers’ compensation attorneys explain exactly how potential changes in the Industrial Commission, if Senate Bill 10 is approved today, will affect how injured workers pursue claims for their injuries.

The North Carolina General Assembly is reviewing Senate Bill 10, which could potentially remove and replace key persons at the NC Industrial Commission. When injured workers need compensation, one of the first steps is filing a Form 18 with the NC Industrial Commission, which is the organization that hears all workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina. The bill may reduce terms appointed by the governor from six to four years.

The current commission was created through hard work between businesses and workers. If the bill passes, commissioners will be removed and all of that work would be for nothing. The current efficient system will be replaced with one of high turnover, which could mean problems for the North Carolina workers’ compensation claim process.

Aside from the Industrial Commission changes, the bill may also replace all members on the Coastal Resources Commission, Utilities Commission, Environmental Management Commission, and more.

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