Widow Looks Back One Year After Fatal Freak Accident In North Carolina

Posted on Mar 15, 2011
Just a year ago, life was good for Betty Williamson, a woman with two children and a husband, Alex, who worked for the Department of Forestry for almost four decades. However, a tragic car accident that still hasn’t been completely explained took Alex’s life and has left his family in mourning.

The fatal NC car accident took place in March 2010 as Betty, Alex, and a sister-in-law Martha were driving on Interstate 40 in North Carolina. Without warning, as Alex was changing lanes, a metal disk three feet in diameter was kicked up into the road by a vehicle ahead of them and flew toward their car. It struck the hood of their SUV and then crashed through the windshield and struck Alex directly in the head. Martha was able to take control of the vehicle and bring it safety to a stop 1.5 miles down the road, and emergency responders rushed the man to a nearby hospital for treatment.

By the time Betty joined him, however, the news was grim. Alex had received a traumatic head injury in the accident and was brain dead. Betty called her children and together they made the decision to donate his organs. Today, two women in North Carolina are living healthy lives with the help of the man’s kidneys.

Betty told local reporters that she and her two children are still coping with the lost of their husband and father – but that the organ donations has made it easier for them to be at peace. Alex, who saved lives while fighting forest fires across the country, was able to save lives even after his own life had ended.

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