What Happened in the Downtown Raleigh Construction Accident?

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

construction accidentThe construction accident in downtown Raleigh on March 23, 2015 involved a collapsed scaffolding. One worker is being treated for serious injuries. Sadly, three other construction workers were fatally injured. News reports have not revealed the names of the employees. An investigation by the Department of Labor is pending.

The accident occurred while working on Charter Square, an 11-story, 243,000-square foot, $63 million building on the southside of Fayetteville Street. The scaffold support near the 5th floor reportedly failed, contributing to the fall.

Construction accidents in North Carolina are generally attributed to violations of fall protection, safety and health, and ladders, according to the NC Department of Labor. This line of work is understandably dangerous. Our state made headlines four months ago after a bridge collapsed on a construction site in North Raleigh. Even when workers are properly trained, sometimes safety protocol is lost or an individual fails to wear protective gear. With taller buildings in urban construction, the risks of serious injury from a fall are greater. 

Survivors of work accidents might not be able to return to work in the same capacity. Our state provides benefits to injured workers, plus return-to-work provisions can be provided by a physician. Surviving family members of the workers killed might be able to pursue a wrongful death claim, death benefits, and more. Until an investigation is complete, families can focus on mourning and rebuilding emotionally. Our workers comp lawyers in Raleigh will provide greater details as they become available here on our blog, on Twitter @brentadamslaw and Facebook. Social media links accessible on the right side.

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