Wake County Top Spot for Vehicle Accidents in the Triangle

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

wake county car crashesAs 2015 comes to a close, state accident reports for North Carolina car crashes remain forthcoming. Officials reviewed 2014 accident reports and found that out of all the counties in the Triangle area, Wake County has the highest rate of vehicle collisions at 'high-accident intersections.' 

What defines a high-accident intersection in Wake County? At least 50 separate crashes must have occurred there. More than ten intersections in Wake County fit this definition.

Keep in mind, definitions for high-accident intersections vary county-by-county. Overall, the North Carolina Department of Transportation study did not find any other Triangle-area county that surpassed the number of crashes at the Wake intersections.

You may recognize a few of these intersections as they are some of the most highly traveled parts of Wake:


  1. I-40 and South Saunders Street (92 crashes)
  2. I-440 and Capital Boulevard (72 crashes)
  3. I-440 and Wake Forest Road (70 crashes)
  4. I-40 and I-440 (69 crashes)
  5. I-540 and U.S. 1 (62 crashes)


When it comes to accidents outside of Wake County, learn more about the highest accident rates around North Carolina.

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