Victim of Dog Bite Sues Owner

Posted on Oct 06, 2007
On September 19 , 2007, an Illinois woman filed a suit in Madison County Circuit Court after being attacked and bitten by a dog on July 6 earlier this year. Cheryl Perigan has filed a personal injury suit against Lisa Guilliams, the owner of the dog. According to the claim filed by Perigan, she was at the Granite City residence of Guilliams, when all of a sudden a dog that was owned by Guilliams attacked and bit Perigan without provocation. According to Perigan’s claim, the bite she received from the dog resulted in various injuries to parts of her body. She claims that the injuries have and will in the future result in pain, permanent disability, and disfigurement. In addition to the injuries, Perigan also claims that she has and will continue to be forced to pay for various medical treatments in an attempt to continue to treat the various injuries she sustained. Perigan and her attorney, Brad Badgley of Belleville, filed the suit in order to claim an award of damages of over $50,000 according to the Animal Control Act. North Carolina has very good laws which protect victims of dog bites. This is particularly true in the case of breeds of dogs which are considered to be especially dangerous, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

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