Veterans Returning to Vietnam

Posted on Jul 24, 2016

In St. Louis, a man has recently started an organization to help Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam. This may seem crazy to many veterans, but research from a psychologist shows that returning to a place of trauma can assist with the healing process.

            Psychologist David Kline states, “Vietnam veterans really brought the mental health concerns, the trauma related concerns from the war to the public consciousness.”

            Mike Snider, the founder of his organization created to help veterans return to Vietnam, found this information when catching up with an old friend from the military on Facebook.

            His friend started confiding in him about the stress and trauma the war brought to his life. His friend wanted to return to Vietnam in hopes this would help him heal. Snider recalls saying, “Are you crazy?” But his friend explained to him this was studied by psychologists and proven to help people recover from a traumatic event.

            His friend found an organization that helps veterans to return to Vietnam. Snider and his friend went on one of the trips. The trip proved to be very beneficial to Snider and he realized there was a need for more organizations like this to help veterans.

            His group called, “Veterans Return to Vietnam,” is raising money to take their first group in December. It cost about $5,000 per veteran. If you would like more information about Mike Snider’s organization, click the link below:

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